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「ザ・レッド」 ”The Red”

The Red, a middle aged woman detained by military intelligence, struggles to survive from atrocities and sexual abuse under brutal interrogation after 1st February 2021 Military Coup in Burma.

This animated film tells the story of a woman enduring days of living hell in detention during the coup. Surviving torture, the young woman continues to stand for the recovering of freedom, justice and equality against Military Junta. This film has achieved the 1st Prize in 2022 at Film Competition for International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, sponsored by Freedom Film and Asia Justice and Rights.


Director/Camera/Editor: Director H

Director Statement

The role of women in the Spring Revolution of Burma has been a great support and active in the frontier. However, what they have done has not been shouted out loudly enough in news and broadcasts. As I have been reporting for the rights of women, I present this short film in honour of those who have been vigorously taking part in the revolution against Junta since the military coup.

Director H, a journalist since 2006, performs as a pro-democracy activist after the military coup in Burma. She is consistently reporting the news and presenting short film works based on true stories of women and LGBTQs who have faced gender discrimination and sexual abuse. She is an award-winning filmmaker for her short film “Memoirs of a Reporter”, sponsored by USAID (CSM II), focusing on women who lost their husbands and sons in the Hpakhant Jade Mine Disaster.

「夢は砕け散った」”Shattered Dreams”

This film is about a family who had run from Lay Kay Kaw. Why did they run from their hometown and how are they living now?

Ko Saw Tun, Ma Thin Zar and their  three children reached Lay Kay Kaw in 2019 because of the childrens’ education. They got a plot of land from Lay Kay Kaw administration office and built their house themself. At that time, Lay Kay Kaw was not perfect but they lived there and they were living their dreams.

After the coup, many civil servants who had joined the Civil Disobedience Movement and citizens who had been chased by the military council escaped to this city. Lay Kay Kaw developed with these fugitives, but the military council invaded the city on 14th, Dec., 2021 and raided houses. Ko Saw Tun and Ma Thin Zar’s family had to run away like a lot of their neighbors. When soldiers searched their house, they ran to other village.,

 When the Military council started shooting and sounds of battles approached the village, those who were hiding crossed the river to Thailand.  Ko Saw Tun and Ma Thin Zar who had lived in their home before, are now staying in a tent in front of immigrant school.


Director: Phyoe Dhana

Camera & Edit - KyeeKan, Phyoe Dhana

Producer: Synergy

Cast: Ko Saw Tun & Ma Thinzar's Family

Daily News Footage - BBC Burmese, Myanmar Now and Karen Information Center

Director Statement

Lay kay kaw is not my home town. but it was an amazing place and looked like a 18 year old lady with Tha Nat Khar (At 2015, Lay Kay Kaw City was founded and 6 years old). She gave safety for many people who against the coup. 


Now, she was under defensive war because of us ( Tat Ma Taw gave a reason "We attack the Lay Kay Kaw because there have been too many anti coup people who transfered and LKK local government allowed to stay"). 


I stayed there for about 6 months. I was also included in the IDPs of Lay Kay Kaw Township. So I must do something for LKK Society and that Town. At that time, Ko Lynn Khar (the writer & singer of "Lay Kay Kaw Paris'' MV) showed me his music. I felt that we had the same dreams so Imade the music video.It was after that when I planned to film a documentary of  a Lay Kay Kaw IDP’s family


Filmmaker, born in 1998. Former student activist, detained and imprisoned during the education reform protests in 2015. After the coup, he joined protests in Yangon, but fled when the repression became too severe. While staying in the liberated district of Lay Kay Kaw in Karen State, he discovered its free atmosphere. When the national army invaded Lay Kay Kaw in 2021 and the city was engulfed in warfare, he escaped to Thailand.

Dahnar is currently making works in a town near the border. He founded the local video production group “Premium Records”. Many of his works, such as the music video for "Lay Kay Kaw Paris," are based on the theme of nostalgia for Lay Kay Kaw.

  • 1994,May,26 - Born (at Burma)

  • 2010/11 to 2013/14 - Taungoo University, Geology Student

  • 2013/14 - Chairperson at Taungoo University Student

  • 2014 - join as a student at Youth Empowerment School Batch 01 by Youth for a New Society.

  • 2014 November - join the  Democratic Education Movement

  • 2015 March 10 - Arrested by the Article of Injustice Demonstration law (505, 18 and total 7 article) at Tharrawaddy Prison with 123 people.

  • 2015 Nov 01 to Nov 11 - Hunger Strike with 6 comrades at Thayawaddy Prison.

  • 2016 March - released from jail by the authorities of National League for Democracy's government after the 2015 election.

  • 2016 to 2017 - Diploma In Gem Identification, University of Yangon and in charge of the "Oway Book Club" at angon University Student Union of All Burma Federation of Student Union

  • 2017 to 2020 mid year - freelance wedding & event Video Creator and photographer.

  • 2018 August 4 to 6 - “Beyond the Prison Gate” photo exhibition at Yangon.

  • 2020 mid year to nowadays - Media Officer at Synergy Social Harmony Organization.

  • 2021 to 2022 - joined as a Pabaedan Township 2020  Election campaign promoter at Democratic Party for A New Society.

  • 2021 Burma Coup -joined as a video creator comrade with my 5 comrades. After 2 of my comrades were arrested at Yangon (September 2021 by Tat Ma Taw).Moved to Lay Kay Kaw.

  • 2021 December 16 - Lay Kay Kaw has been attacked by the Tat Ma Taw, I crossed the Thaung Yin River and live in Thailand.

  • 2022 May First week & Second Week - “Comrades” photo exhibition at MaeSot.

  • 2023 - founded Premium Record Visual Production with 3 comrades.

「不屈の若者」 ”A Young Man Who Never Gives Up”

Linn Maung is a young guy, who joined the protests peacefully to express his desire of restoring democracy and unwillingness to the coup like many other people soon after the military seized power from the civilian elected government. Due to the horrendous crimes that junta forces committed against the peaceful protesters and to avoid the threat of their arrest, he had to run into the jungle to hold the gun and to fight back. After the military jets dropped the bombs on the training camp where he was joining, he had to run again. He, this time, realized that it is crucial and essential to have guns to win the fights with the junta forces on the front line. Then, their aim of unrooting the Tatmadaw (military) from Myanmar’s democratization process could proceed. Thus, he decided to raise funds by selling his art to provide the necessary support to his comrades.


Directo r/Camera/Editor : Eunt Maw Oo

Cast: Linn Maung

Director Statement

The story about people who are struggling to settle themselves in the new environment with new challenges and helping each other to fight back against the junta to win democracy always inspires me to film them. I found Linn Maung and his creations of strings art on social media. His posts about raising funds by selling his art to support revolutionary activities came across to me. I instantly realized that people would love to hear and see him on screen. I took that advantage and reached out to him to set up the interview. The whole country is crying and suffering pain from the bottom of its heart to see the brutality of the military cracking down on the protesters, burning the villages, killing innocent civilians accusing them of being terrorists, and bombardment on schools, hospitals, and religious buildings. The regional and international community must understand the true situation happening inside the country and Linn Maung is a good character among the good stories to bring the message to the people both inside and outside the country.


Eunt Maw Oo  worked as a journalist, news editor and video journalist in local news agencies such as The Voice Daily and The Myanmar Times from 2012 to 2020. From 2020, I worked as a freelance video journalist for BBC Media Action. During the 2020 General Election, I produced video documentaries together with Myanmar-based Japanese journalist Yuki Kitazumi. After the military coup in 2021,I worked as a freelance journalist and contributed to Al Jazeera, Korea MBC News and KBS World.

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