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A man who escaped with his family to avoid military forced persecution used the little money on hand to buy a fish net. Unable to get work in the refugee area, he set his nets in the river to fish to survive. In Chin State western Myanmar, a massive military crackdown took place and many houses and villages in the demilitarised zone were burnt down. He and his family, who were farmers have been forced to leave their villages where they have livestock and homes, and are now forced to live in desperate need of 'peace'. What are coups and violence taking away from innocent people? One fisherman's voice tells of the urgent situation.

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The Black Panther column of the PDF (Peoples Defence Force) which has been fighting the army for peace since the coup has built a school in one of the villages.The soldiers work with teachers who have joined the CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement) to teach their studies. Children who are still very young tell there stories of how their villages were attacked by the army. They are struggling to prepare food and stationery for their children and ensure their safety for their children's schools which are their hope for the future despite the many difficulties they face in the midst of war.

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Aモン(A MON)と名乗る男性のレイエッゴン村は戦闘機による爆撃を受けた。クーデターから2年の月日が流れたとき、Aモンはペンを手に取り、ある詩を作って、読み上げる。「素手で掘った井戸(レイエッゴン)」と題されたその詩には、彼の村にクーデターがもたらした悲劇と、さまざまな思いが言葉となって語られる。
A The village of Lat Yet Gone where a man calls himself A MON was bombed by fighter jets. Two years after the coup, A MON reads a poem. The poem entitled 'Dug a Hole with Hand' tells in words the tragedy of the coup d'état and the many feelings it brought to his village.

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What is Docu Athan?

“Docu Athan" is an online platform to support Burmese creators (journalists/filmmakers/artists etc). “Athan” means “voice” “opinion” in Burmese. Viewers can donate "Athan" to fund creators to create new works.

In Myanmar, many civilian lives have been stolen by military violence and journalists and innocent civilians have been unjustly detained.

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Journalists, who were taking on the role to report the crisis in the country, and artists, who were freely expressing themselves, have been forced to flee.

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Creators in hiding or in exile continue to create films in spite of harsh repression by the junta to tell what's happening in Myanmar.

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By publishing their work, Docu Athan gives a voice to journalists, filmmakers and artists who are under adverse circumstances.

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Viewers can empathize with the works of the creators and together raise voices. When an "atan" (voice) is donated, the donation will be used by the creators to make new works. 

Thanks to your “athan”, more voices of the people of Myanmar will reach the world.

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By donating “athan”, you can directly fund each creator. Your voice is worth it!

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In the wee hours of 1 February 2021, Myanmar’s military staged a coup against the democratic elected government and arbitrarily detained senior government officials, including the head of government, State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi. This shocked Myanmar's citizens and plunged them into despair. Citizens then began a large scale of protests.

By donating “athan”, you can directly fund each creator. Your voice is worth it!

By donating “athan”, you can directly fund each creator. Your voice is worth it!

By donating “athan”, you can directly fund each creator. Your voice is worth it!


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