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New film "Mommy The Journalist"

Mommy The Journalist | Docu Athan ドキュ・アッタン
ママはジャーナリストMommy The Journalist 革命のなか、その身体に小さな命を宿しながら、軍事評議会の追及をも巧みに逃れたある女性の物語。ジャーナリストとして出産の時もペンを握り、産後45日で故郷を離れて外国へと避難しながら、革命のためのニュースを伝え続けた、ひとりの女性の旅路を描く。それは、生後間もない子どもを連れて森を抜け、タウンイン川を渡る、苦難に溢れた道だった。短編作品である「ママはジャーナリスト」は、家族の安全と、不屈の真実を追求することの大切さを示す物語である。The short film "Mommy The Journalist" recounts the story of a woman who, while pregnant, deftly evaded the military council's pursuit during her reporting in the midst of a revolution. She steadfastly wielded her journalistic pen throughout the revolution until the moment she gave birth. The film portrays the journey of a female journalist who, just 45 days after childbirth, left her home, seeking refuge in a foreign country while continuing to deliver pivotal revolutionary news to the public. It depicts her challenging passage through a forest with her day-old child and the arduous crossing of the Thaung Yin River. "Mommy The Journalist" is a narrative that emphasizes the importance of family safety and the unyielding pursuit of truth.


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