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Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai was shot dead in Yangon, Myanmar during his coverage of democratic movement “Saffron revolution” led by Buddhist monks on 27, 9, 2007. He continued his shooting video after his falling down. His video camera which was taken away by soldiers and had been missing long time, was returned to his sisiter, Noriko Ogawa by the independent media, Democratic Voice of Burma, 2023 after 16 years.

 This video is his final report which was found in his camera. The video helps us to understand what he tried to record and what was happened on the ground. However, the facts that the video does not include the scene of the shot and other scene of that day, and include strange person, make the mysteries deepen. Further more, it is not obvious who shot Nagai and the military is still denying its responsibilities.

 To probe the truth, Docu Athan translated the video to Burmese and call for more information with the cooperation with Noriko Ogawa and APF News, the employer of Kenji Nagai. Many Myanmar people are surely impressed deeply and still remember Nagai. We are very happy if we pursue the truth together with Myanmar people.


The Last Report of Kenji Nagai, 2007 長井健司最後のレポート


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