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Nwayoo Nyein

Before the coup, she was a teacher at a public school in Myanmar. From that time onwards, she had a strong passion for films and worked hard at filmmaking during her breaks from work. Later, he set up his own film production unit producing and directing mainly short films which won awards at film festivals and competitions in Myanmar. However, after the coup, she joined the CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement) and was charged with Criminal Code 505(A); after a year and a half of struggle, she escaped from arrest and decided to flee to Thailand to be reunited with her son; now in 2022, she is living in Mae Sot and working to create a revolutionary film about Myanmar.




The full amount of your donation will be sent to the creator and used for the daily expense while in exile and for the next projects. The payment service is offered by Square.


ヌエウーネインの作品/ Nwayoo Nyein's works


#ドキュアッタン #DocuAthan

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