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ジェンダー問題や女性の活動に関する記事、映像作品が多数。イラストを用いたドキュメンタリーの表現手法に特徴がある。拘束された女性の様子を赤裸々に語った「The Red」は、2020年に「拷問の即時停止と恩赦」短編映画コンペで一等を受賞。二児の母。

Director H

Director H, a journalist since 2006, performs as a pro-democracy activist after the military coup in Burma. She is consistently reporting the news and presenting short film works based on true stories of women and LGBTQs who have faced gender discrimination and sexual abuse. She is an award-winning filmmaker for her short film “Memoirs of a Reporter”, sponsored by USAID (CSM II), focusing on women who lost their husbands and sons in the Hpakhant Jade Mine Disaster.




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ダイレクターHの作品/ Director H's works


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